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NATS helps organisations promote and support the implementation of Trauma Informed Practice. Our expertise includes healthcare, schools, prisons, hospitals, workplaces, the armed forces community, and emergency services.

Developing education, evidence, and efficacy.

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Trauma-informed practice refers to an approach that recognises the widespread impact of trauma on individuals and acknowledges the role it can play in people's lives. This approach emphasises understanding the signs and symptoms of trauma in those receiving care and support, whether it be in a mental health setting, educational facility, workplace, or social service agency. By adopting a trauma-informed approach, organisations can create an environment that promotes safety, trust, and empowerment for those who have experienced trauma.

Adopting trauma-informed practice helps organisations to gain a deeper understanding of the behaviours and reactions of individuals who have gone through traumatic experiences, and consequently provide them with appropriate and sensitive care. By cultivating a culture of compassion and comprehension, organisations can create a supportive environment for healing and recovery. Furthermore, implementing trauma-informed practices can enhance the morale and job satisfaction of staff, as they feel more equipped and confident in their ability to respond effectively to the needs of those they serve.

On an individual level, trauma-informed practice can help individuals feel validated and understood, reducing feelings of shame and isolation often associated with trauma. This approach can promote a sense of safety and predictability, fostering a supportive environment that encourages individuals to build trust and engage in the healing process. By prioritising the well-being and emotional safety of those affected by trauma, organisations can contribute to the development of healthier coping strategies and long-term resilience, ultimately improving the likelihood of positive mental health outcomes.

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University of Nottingham

Trauma education towards a Masters degree and PhD programme in the School of Education 


Book series

A new book series published by Bentham Science: 'Trauma Informed Practice'. To discuss a proposal email: 


Institute of Mental Health

World leading research with an established commitment to service user involvement, the arts and recovery facing practice 


We are pleased to announce that a conference will take place in 2024, at the University of Nottingham. Details about how to book a place will follow shortly.

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